Doreen Mashika is precisely the essence of combined flavours – her Western design philosophy (learned from considerable experience of the Western fashion and luxury goods sector) melding beautifully with her African traditions, patterns and techniques – that results in contemporary pieces which are intriguingly unique and perfect for the woman who is aware of global trends but discerning enough to eschew obvious “status” brands for innovative accessories, to enhance their individual style.

Proudly made exclusively in her native Tanzania, Zanzibar to be precise, she uses traditional techniques and fabrics (Kitenge) in an innovative way, combining big patterns with intricate detailing (glass beads, precious metals, antiques). The results are a unique mix of contemporary western styling and quality with traditional African materials and techniques creating pieces to admire and treasure.

Her purses can be bought from luxury store Fenwick on Bond Street in London. Talk about branding!! A classic case of knowing who your clients are and knowing where to reach them! Way to go!!

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