ModeMaison PR is a buzz loving communication and marketing agency based in Bonamoussadi, Douala. We partner, we promote, we encourage, we advise and we also develop initiatives of our own which we believe will also assist in pushing Cameroon forwards.

Today we are kicking off one of our initiative geared towards the entertainment industry in Cameroon. “MMPR’s Star’s In Their Eyes” will bring you individuals who we’ve watched and believe to exude the right quality and image to enter the emerging “celebrity” milieu in Cameroon.

Nsang Dilong is a Sociology and Political Science student at Buea University, one of Cameroon’s biggest and well known institutions. Apart from her studies, Nsang also models and acts and would like to develop a TV presenting career. In 2011, she was the winner of Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011 representing the country in Gambia. She is originally from the South West Province.

We spotted and are tipping Nsang to be a regular well known face in the industry (provided she receives great advise and has a PR team behind her ofcourse *wink*) for she looks refined and well presented in her images, she is elegant, beautiful, talented, captivating and definitely oozes star quality! Don’t believe us? Well check the images below! Also find out what she says in our “Star7” questions!



1- How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
I have just 35 pairs of shoes.

2- Where would you hide an elephant if you were given it?
Well, I will take the elephant to my village (Kotto Barombi) which happens to be an island. I’m sure my people will like having a new friend.

3- A man or a car? (Preference?)
Hmmn wow, a man. But then a good man like my dad.

4- Why are we asking you these questions?
Well I wish I knew! But I’m sure people will have fun reading this.

5- If you were an African dish, which one would you be and why?
I will be Koki beans. Hehie!! It has a great figure all tied up in leaves lol. See hips, hour glass lol!

6- You found out you’ve just won 20 million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Well I will invest it. I will go back to the village and invest in cocoa and a cocoa chemical business. It has good profits lol!!

7- If you were the covergirl of Fashizblack magazine, what would the headline caption say?
Not heard of the magazine yet, but I will love the headline caption to be ” Meet the Incredible Dilong”

We aim to continue star spotting and to bring you many more talents with Stars In Their Eyes!!

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