Following on from our little snippet on our Facebook page last week, we are starting an advert review series on our blog where we will bring you our thoughts and opinions on the adverts that we find to be meeting their objectives on TV and billboards as well as those that we think are so bad they have actually lost their purpose.

We chose to review adverts from the last 2+ years because those are the adverts that people will remember, and as this is our first edition we wanted to rejig the minds of as many people as possible.

After reviewing a few adverts, those who made it to our “top” were those that focused mainly on selling the product. We chose these because of their image quality, their presentation quality, their overall sound quality and their conceptualisation quality. You realise that most of these good adverts were not executed by comedians nor celebrities but they come out just as appealing meeting its central goal.

On the other hand those that made it into our  “worst” adverts were those which were presented by comedians and had a very poor conceptualisation process. The advert makers left the comedians to come up with either the message or the concept or even the lines and it so blatant showed when you watched these adverts. The locations of the commercial shoots were poor, some had very poor delivery of lines and some just didn’t bring out the product they were trying to sell at all – what a waste of time and money!

Without further ado, below our list!



Our billboard review was also based on the criteria of the TV ad review. The worst ones especially focusing on Power Horn and XXL failed to be creative enough and chose the easy route to mass appeal. They folowed the route to only associating energy drinks with sex as the billboards showed just sexy girls in sexy positions.

Thats it for today but stay tuned. We will also bring you detailled reviews in future posts.

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