It’s Saturday the 21st of September “Confirm” the EP track/video from “My Tory 1.1” a 3 part EP series by radio host cum entertainer/rapper and ModeMaison PR protegee Nabil is released online.

What is the track/video about? Fret not…find out in 3 answers! Continue reading below.

MMPR: What is Confirm about?

Nabil: Confirm is a very personal track! It’s a group of tales of my life in one track. It is a street lingua that I felt I had the responsibility to moralise in a street anthem with a street video to go with it and it started as a freestyle completely off my chest.

MMPR: Where did the inspiration come from?

Nabil: it’s totally inspired by my life experiences. In “Confirm” I make references to true life situations, stories and people, those who know where I am coming from can relate to the song. I even quote names of real friends I lost, real places I have been to, and my beginnings with music people like Jules Nya and Jovi.

MMPR: Why a “street” video?

Nabil: Due to the realness of my lyrics I decided to make a video that would demystify me as an artist and portray me as just that Bamenda pikin growing up in the streets of Bonaberi and  building my legacy by living my dreams that thousands like me living today can relate to. It’s a combination of footages of me in Europe in various shows with some celebrities including Naija afropop star Davido, Dj Cool, Dj Eppz, Bayo of Motherland, Miss Bess, Laura amongst others.

Without further ado, check out the video below.

Download “Confirm” the track here:

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  1. Nabil Am extremely Impressed and glad to know I have a gifted childHood friend, will b Nice if we worked together soon
    .Am still a great r n b voice to hear. 9JA NEVER SEE YET. HOLLA me sometimes at +2347937569792

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