Just today we caught sight of this very captivating story on Facebook and immediately decided to use our PR skills to help shout about this amazing doctor in Cameroon called Georges Bwelle.

If you have ever had a sick or dying relative or friend in Cameroon or Africa rushed to the hospital only to find out that there was not an adequate person or treatment present to get them better, then you will understand the major efforts Dr Bwelle and his team are doing to continue life in the rural areas of Cameroon especially, a country where there is only 1 doctor to 5,000 people according to statistics.

Dr Bwelle’s story for going into the medical field is different. He did not crave the money nor the fame nor the reputation, he only wanted to bring comfort, give life, make people laugh and reduce pain.


Image from CNN.

Dr Bwelle has now made it into CNN’s Top Ten Hero for 2013 and it is down to us the voters to see him through to number 1. WE CAN DO IT!! Read more about his story and please, please vote as many times as you can or want to and also share the link to your friends by clicking: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/2013.heroes/georges.bwelle.html#.UlameuY5dqA.facebook

His organisation website: http://www.ascovime.fr

Lets get VOTING!!!

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