It will be an evening with a strong accent on ethnicity as management consulting firm Accenture play host to an array of African inspired brands at their cultural event in celebration of the 37th Black History Month which recognises the positive contributions black communities have made to the British society.

The event takes place on Thursday 24th November at the Accenture Fenchurch Street offices and will feature an exhibition of traditional and modern African inspired brands and arts/artefacts. Liiber London, our client will be exhibiting traditionally influenced pieces as well as the contemporary Tron collection. Also at the event is London/US based Cameroonian artist and architect Shiri Achu.



Invited guests will also be able to learn about Africa’s wealth of business opportunities with a dynamic presentation on the economic potential in the African “Big 5” countries; and the Communication Trends in Africa.

There will be drumming and dancing; smooth jazz from a live band; and spoken word from British playwright, poet and MOBO award nominee Alan Charles. Live performance from the father of British neo soul Omar and guests would also enjoy the exotic taste of Africa and the Caribbean with delicious themed canapés and nibbles.


What a great way to celebrate!!

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