Our Accra based client, Mina Evans is a luxury fashion brand that combines a variety of fabrics with handpicked embellishments to create feminine unique pieces. The brand also boasts a Men’s dress shirt range, which combines casual wear with a touch of  afrocentricity.

The focus of this brand is to ensure that value is added to the client’s lifestyle by creating elegant and stylish pieces. It also aims to make luxury accessible to all, ensuring that luxury clothing is a part of daily life.

The brand recently showcased with rave reviews at the Durban Fashion Fair and is ready to tackle the haute runway that MBFWA provides by unveiling the SS14 collection in association with Madison Shoes SA, Sole Inspiration and Brand Woman Africa.

The SS14 collection with a theme centred on butterflies and leaves; both notions of change and new beginnings is made from delicate luxury fabrics including lace, metallic hot foiled leather and cotton. The collection was inspired by a picture of butterflies nestled together and the butterfly effects on the pieces are all handmade using African print fabric to give them a 3D feel.

The leaves inspiration on the pieces are made from last cut leather using metallic pastel colours and these leaves effect is also carried through in the introduction of a new product line – unique neckpieces in collaboration with Sole Inspiration.

Mina Evans will be presenting the SS14 collection on November 2nd at 3.30pm at the Tshwane City Hall. Head designer Mina Evans-Anfom had this to say “Southern Africa is a region we would like to introduce our brand in, so we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with MBFWA and AFI




For more information, please visit:

Facebook page: MinaEvans
Twitter: @mina_evans
Website: www.minaevansonline.com

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