Hello people! it’s your favourite Team 237 PRnista again bringing you up to speed on what is making waves in entertainment now. You can thank me later!

The Cameroonian film industry is evolving everyday as more and more home movies are shot and produced. Some of which are obvious in the manner of story-telling and others, a true depiction of our culture, heritage and evolution. Nevertheless, since we are known for always bringing only the best, we present you VIRI. VIRI, a movie that intends to be different in story-telling and in technicality will be hijacking our blog for a while so stay tuned!!

We will be bringing you an exclusive new series entitled “VIRI DIARIES” which will be all fresh scoop of interviews, star profiles, pictures of cast and crew of this adventurous production.

The story, an appropriate blend of glamour and the wild succeeds to give an insight on the best of both worlds. It’s not just a focus of life in the rural areas with no civilisation, it depicts the struggles of life after success and civilisation.

So what is it about? Two brothers go in search of the remains of their father 23 years after his passing. On the other side, a couple go with the purpose of finding a connection that can help save their relationship. They all coincide in the same forest and unknown to them is the mystery that plagues the forest that will eventually change their lives and re-write their destinies. Will it be the same again after they set out for their journey? You will find this out when the film is released!

VIRI is a is a drama thriller, a fictional trilogy of lack of communication, love and impunity. A perfect combination of sadistic, humorous, glamorous and adventurous characters.

This has been day one of our “VIRI DIARIES” series so stay tuned for more!

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