It seemed like a challenge that was so easy enough to do. How difficult could wearing 1 colour lipstick be? Well, ask our PRnista who decided to impose this challenge on herself after getting a new purple lippie!

30 days all through November was exciting but it certainly was very challenging as at 4 days into the challenge she had already had enough and wanted to give up 😦

However, with a little help from her friends, Cynthia our PRnista was able to finish through from 1st to 30th November! We are very proud that she took up the challenge and saw it to the very end. That is great perseverance and determination on her part…ssshhhh don’t tell her that 😉

So let’s recap on all the images from the challenge and we also have a little something for you to show you how she spent her 1st day of December…check it below.





Our PRnista spending the 1st day of December in red…a RedDecember challenge calling?! What do you guys and girls think?

And that is the end!!

Thank you all who followed our posts and liked the images.

Please donate to her Christmas Path-Makers fund as she supports UK registered organisation Path to Possibilities here: http://www.justgiving.com/Cynthia-Anduhtabe1

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