If you were not already aware, ModeMaison PR has partnered with a Cameroon film producer on a film that is currently being shot somewhere in the forests of Cameroon.

We are ecstatic to be part of such a project because there is a new breeze blowing through the Cameroon entertainment industry and we love to be at the helm of things – creating change, changing perspectives and setting new trends with our weapon – PR!!

VIRI is a very exciting film to be. A drama thriller, a fictional trilogy of lack of communication, love and impunity that takes the characters through the known and the unknown, through a life path of different sequences that will ultimately lead them to their destiny.

Today MMPR brings you another report continuing our #VIRIDiariesSeries where we talk only about VIRI the movie. Here below is our chat with the head of the VIRI team…

MMPR: Tell us about you, your journey – inspiration & motivation

NN: My name is Nkanya Nkwai, 100% Cameroonian, an actor, writer and producer. My acting comes from a place of passion and began in 2007 when Seaside movies gave me a chance in Limbe.  I did a couple of projects with them some of which were released and others not. Then I moved to South Africa later in 2009 to further my education and acting took a bank bench. It was revived in late 2009 in Lithuania where I became a permanent part and crew of  LCC International University plays and skits.

While in the USA in 2012, I signed up with a company as part of the crew for the movie JOSHUA TREE shot in Colorado. I later thought to myself, why not start my own productions? That’s how THE AFRICAN GUEST the movie was shot  – 70% in the USA and 30% in Cameroon.

MMPR: What projects have you worked on?

NN: I have taken part in the movie PINK POISON RELOADED AKA FAR produced by Agbor Gilbert. I also worked in the productions of MY GALLERY both as cast and crew [Production designer and production manager] after which I embarked on the production of VIRI.

MMPR: Tell us about the cast and director of VIRI.

NN: I am particularly thankful to the cast and crew of VIRI, they all gave in a 100% and went beyond boundaries to help in the realisation of this project. They were just AMAZING!!

A pertinent setback on set was at the level of props and little technical issues, but they pulled through it professionally.

MMPR: And the location choice?

NN: It was very important to pick a location that will bring life to the script seeing that VIRI is a movie of duo settings, the rural and the urban. It was very essential that the wild incorporated well with the glamour and made a perfect blend. So watch out for natural views, a touch of Gods creations and a jungle feeling. The glamour side was easy to create [he chuckled]

MMPR: And the characters in the VIRI movie?

NN: We have amazing characters in this movie, most of which are exactly opposites of the actors playing them. An actor isn’t an actor if he has no ability to interpret which in this case was not a problem. The characters are hilarious, lively, dramatic and everything in-between. Characters like Mr and Mrs Ebena and wife plus the students will keep you on your feet!

MMPR: What should the public expect from VIRI?

NN: VIRI is a narrative film, grim in nature but the writers seasoned the story and screen play into a drama thriller with incredible humour and really engaging characters. The tendency with Cameroonian films to recycle Nigerian stories has discredited our creative ability, but VIRI has explored outside the box and is not a predictable story which is why people should watch it.

MMPR: Your take on the Cameroon entertainment industry now and future?

NN: It is very positive and full of hope! For the one year that I have been involved, I will say without blinking an eyelid that Cameroonians have what it takes to compete effectively with any other film industry in Africa. It is just sad a thing that we are being ignored by three important stakeholders in the sector.  The Cameroonian audience is not yet in place to consume our products, media attention is low and WE LACK PROMOTERS.

The big companies who are capable in fostering growth prefer to import artists from abroad and pay them huge sums of money well guess what? WE HAVE THESE TALENTS IN CAMEROON!!!

MMPR: Pheewww…you said it! Your final word?

NN: Buy a Copy of VIRI when it comes out, It will surely entertain YOU.

So there you have our little catch up with Mr Nkanya Nkwai the producer behind VIRI. Below are some images of him…




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