It has been a thrilling 2013 so far for our wonderboy rapstar Stanley Enow and yesterday at the premier Sonnah/Cameroon Academy Awards show in Yaounde, his position as the new starboy of the Cameroon urban scene was sealed when he was awarded Best Urban Male and Best Male Artist of the year with most impact in Cameroon.

Stanley seduced the audience and later serenaded them with a live rendition of his now very famous debut track Hein Pere.

His notoriety has gone far beyond even catching the attention of the President and his wife giving him access to a private showcase at the Etoudi Palace in Yaounde a few weeks ago where Madame Chantal Biya was photographed endorsing his On Est High Pere clothing.

2014 definitely seems hopeful for Stanley Enow and the Cameroon music scene at large. We are very excited at the prospects *_*




Thank you Mama Chantou for being a fan!!

Catch up on the show below courtesy of Tiptopstars.

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