As 2014 is drawing ever so close in Cameroon, we have 5 simple key tips for you the budding music artist, fashion designer, small business owner to use as you plan your strategy for the coming year. Remember the competition will be fierce so #Get2014Ready with our top #MMPRTips!

T. H. I. N. K. is the way forward this 2014.

T = Team. The made up definition of Together Everyone Achieves More in the acronym T.E.A.M. is no lie. There is so much 1 person can do and is capable to do so to go that extra mile further we recommend that you find a good support system with a common goal to back you up! Get yourself a TEAM!

H = Hardwork. There is no short cut to success than through the highway of hardwork. So, we recommend that you talk less and work more. Focus only on the matters that concern you and your brand and less on what another or the competition is doing or not doing.

I = Improve. Always strive to improve yourself and your product. We recommend that you put out 1 great product than several not so good ones. This is directed more at the Cameroon music artists. 1 or 2 great tracks a year is better than 5 or 10 not so good tracks. So, be better, do better, achieve better.

N = Never forget to appreciate. A humble and appreciative heart never goes unnoticed. The more you appreciate even the slightest of gestures, the more others will want to do for you. Simple but effective!

K = Knowledge is POWER, so get to know yourself as an individual, know your brand and how you want to be represented, know your audience and how to approach them, know your market and position yourself, know your product and target the right audience, know your craft by always learning…

Will you be 2014 ready?

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A very joyful and fulfilled 2014 to you our readers/visitors. See you in the new year!!

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