She gave a thrilling performance last month during the Stanley Enow Orangina sponsored show at Parcours Vita in Douala, her name is CIANA and she is a new signing under ModeMaison PR.

CIANA is a Buea based rap artist in her early 20’s signed under No Hitz No Recordz with an enormous talent and a unique style as well as the capability of becoming the number one female rap artist in Cameroon. CIANA kicked off her music career by writing songs for her sister and friends before joining an all male rap group which was a short lived experience and which later enabled her to embark on a solo journey.

Fast forward 2014 and here she is as a ModeMaison PR protegee. We will be handling all press related matters concerning CIANA as well as ensuring her brand is properly represented.


So what more can we tell you about CIANA? Check out the below 5 simple things:-

  1. She loves art as well as interior/space decoration.
  2. Her favourite colour is blue (check out her logo!) just like the sky!
  3. Her passion for dancing was manifested wholly when she joined a hip hop dance crew.
  4. Her best features are her dimples, waist and legs.
  5. CIANA is not all beauty, she is currently studying Geology/Petrology at the University of Buea.

Is it a man’s world? Oh no! The girls run the world!!

For all press matters, please email:

Follow us on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

Follow her on Twitter: @bestciana

Follow her label: @NHNRENT

Follow her manager: @PrinceEnobi

Logo by ADE.

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