Introducing our latest partnership collabo with SIPEC, an acronym for Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon founded by Etonde Martin aims to be the most forward networking platform in Cameroon that connects businesses together.

The benefits of networking are many, SIPEC allows you to grow your base or contact list. It also allows you to identify with like minded people, meet potential new clients/suppliers and gives you the opportunity to talk about your brand to invited guests.

Sheraiz Delightz, the events planning company behind the SIPEC initiative kicked off the under the theme of: Networking, a key tool for successful business at the White House Restaurant in Bonapriso last January gathering about 150 people – a mix of entrepreneurs, media personnels, and professionals introducing 10 companies to the attended guests.

Etonde aka Sherai is the founder and CEO of Sheraiz Delightz an events management company in Douala. She has held many sales roles in the past 6 years and understands the challenges of closing deals with clients. Through SIPEC, she wants to see companies work with each other and entrepreneurs move from small to big. “We all need each other”, she says.

The SIPEC events are scheduled to run quarterly in different parts of the country. The next edition is scheduled for Thursday April 24 2014 at the White House Restaurant. 

Stay tuned on our page as we keep you updated.


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