Over in London this weekend, we have been getting Summery Spring filled days with a high degree of sunshine than usual this season. We are not complaining though as this means it is time to get that sun cream, a pair of shades and head outdoors.

While enjoying this awesome weather, what better thing to do than to go all CIA on some of our friends by asking them to reveal what exactly they carry in their handbags and why. Wanna snoop with us and get the scoop? Okay, c’mon lets snoop with our new fun series entitled #InMyBag.

For the past one month, these are the items which have consistently made Yaya’s handbag…what are they and why does she carry them? She tells us why!


I always have:-

~Jo Malone fragrance. No matter what I always like smelling nice. This was a birthday gift two birthdays ago from my sister and although it is almost coming to its end it does smell amazing and is the right thing to have if you use public bathrooms.

~My hair brush because a sister always needs her edges right and just in case the wind is wild I make sure I have a comb or this little brush.

~My Always protection guard female pad. Now, I think everyone must have one pad or panty liner in their handbag. Forget about regular periods every now and then a leak may surprise you. I must have my pad!

~I have Angel by Thierry Mugler hand lotion and shower gel tubes. I always need lotion for my hands and also prepare for the eventuality that I am somewhere and I get dirty hands and I must wash.

~The plastic spoon I carry sometimes for when I want to eat something and there is no spoon available.

~My MAC finisher powder and my MAC candy yum yum lipstick. Ok I swear that you will never ever see me and my purse without my MAC powder for when your make up gets oily or smudged and you must touch up. I always need my powder as I also have very oily skin.

~The Daniel plan book is what I’m reading for lent and the black book is my journal. I started journalling over a year ago and if you read my blog, I have a post on journalling your thoughts and prayers every time.

~I carry lots of papers but that’s usually from my work. The business cards you see where dropped in my bag last week from the different fabric stores I visited with my sister.

~The grey little bag is my make-up bag or more like a little purse is where I keep hair rubber bands and lip gloss or tissue or safety pins and some coins. It has everything in it and even a travel size toothbrush and my dental floss.

~ Let’s just say Yaya goes nowhere without her phone and ipad. I use my ipad for pics, notes and on the go Internet. I cannot do without my ipad mini ever!

So that is it! Our first snooping post for you. Watch out for more handbags and their contents right here…women will be women!!

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