It’s about that time in their movie cycle where they themselves get to seat back and watch the show unfold. After all the hard work is done, the buzz is created and all the attention gotten, the cast and crew of the revolutionary movie VIRI are warming up for the première.

Sometime in October we were approached with the idea of a potential collaboration between MMPR and a new project we saw had the desire to create a difference and be different. It was jam packed with uniqueness and a promise to portray outstanding unconventionalities. Though conflicted on the acceptance of this unlikely project to our market, we went ahead and took a risk as the project was not yet at a phase where we could see to make a judgement for ourselves as is customary to our work procedure. Today we are being celebrated for celebrating this work of art.

Let’s go through some spectacular moments we shared on VIRI shall we?


Our online promo kicked off with an intro of the project and we did our very first profiling with the producer and actor Nkanya Nkwai. Here is a link for recap.

As we went on we spoke to other cast and crew members, we had one spectacular chat with one of the cast members, find out who that is on this link.


As we progressed we had the pages of VIRI, MMPR and personal accounts flooded with VIRI pictures and articles. Here are pages you can catch on Facebook to bring you up to speed for the première… go here and here.

We had some fabulous bloggers share in the VIRI spirit; they took out their time to blog on and promote VIRI so a big S/O goes to Muke Alison, Yefon Mainsah, Tina Monique & Partner, TipTop Stars. Check out a few links here and here


When we celebrated the life and experiences of Tata Nelson Mandela and found out the similarities he shared with the characters in VIRI, it was such an honour for us. Rest in perfect peace our Tata.

Then we got what seemed like a feasible existence of VIRI for the first time, the teaser poster and the teaser to the trailer. Then it became so real even in the eyes of you all.

The day we felt most lucky came as we unveiled the first ever VIRI movie poster. What was going to be its CD jackets and we had online reach of over 400.000 views and support.


Since then support has continuously been amazing. We even got mentioned on GMC Cameroon as the trending thing online, we couldn’t be more blessed.

In under a few days leading to the première, the producer with a German engine Nkanya Nkwai has been able to tour almost every relevant radio and TV stations around the Littoral; South West and Centre provinces for promo talks – from STV, Canal2 Internationale to CRTV. Radio includes likes of FM 105, Sweet FM just to name a few.

The runners are almost at the finished line, the race is almost won, and we must not despair or doubt our dreams. Nkanya said “My goal is to reach 500people at least for the première night, it could still be more but I won’t be happy with less.”  Well, well Nkanya seems you are going to beat that after all. It’s been amazing growing this baby of yours together and come March 22nd we will all celebrate a victory like no other.


Let’s all keep the VIRI dream alive and be there at Hotel La Falaise on Saturday March 22nd  at 7.00pm prompt. For more information about ticket sale, please call: 71674948 or 70615687.

Kudos to DreamsAlive Productions, the cast and crew of VIRI for a spectacular job. Catch the teaser trailer which received a huge cheer from our MMPR One guests below…

Follow Nkanya on Twitter: @NkanyaNkwai

Follow us on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR

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