Hello all, today brings us to the second part of our snooping fun series where our PR girl Cynthia is playing detective in the handbags of some of her friends. Don’t you sometime wonder what your friends or other women carry in their bags? Well, we all know women will be women right?! C’mon and let’s do some snooping!!


In her handbag this is what Ms Mbole had to tell us…

I always have a small planner (blue item) in my bag since as I spend 70% of my week in meetings. I also have my make-up bag with lipstick and lipgloss in it – a must for the cold harsh winter. I also must have a hand sanitizer because I am a hardcore germaphobe.

I cannot survive without some gum, oh yes it is a must because you never know when you have to offer someone with bad breath some haa haaa!!!

The other blue note book is to write down ideas that come to me for my blog (I currently run a style/fashion blog called TheHotJem) and for me to jot my to do list or sometimes I write my poems in it and keep for later. I also keep a puzzle book, essential for my daily commuting schedule to NYC. It allows me to play on it sometimes when I need to.

The rest is my iPod to listen to while I’m commuting to and from work and obviously my other essentials such as my purse, glasses and more make-up for when I need to touch up.

So that is it from our series today. Watch out for the next handbag…!

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