Path to Possibilities (P2P) is a UK registered charity based in London working tirelessly with gifted but poor children in Nigeria. They sponsor the education of the 7 children in their care from personal donations from contributors from around the world as well as from fundraising through 2 key annual events – Race For Change and the Annual Ball.

This year as the Summer is fast approaching so is the Race For Change and the charity is currently seeking volunteer runners to sign up to their campaign. Will you join them? Before you make up your mind, see this story below…


“Praise is 9 years old. We were surprised when she was identified as the most academically gifted in her school. She came first in our assessments and now the only thing standing between her and a good secondary education is money. If you take part in our charity race on 5th of July 2014  from 11am prompt you can help us raise the funds to send her to school. We believe she deserves the opportunity to realise her dream of being a doctor. Please sign up today by emailing info@pathtopossibilities.co.uk”

For more information: http://www.pathtopossibilities.co.uk…please race for Praise!

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