Welcome back to the place where we give you an all important first class viewing access into the handbag of another woman. The “In My Bag” series is a snoop style series purely for fun purpose where we asked a few of our friends to allow us to ‘see’ inside their bags to know what exactly they carry around with them. We get to learn about the different personalities and quickly see what they are obsessed with!

You want to see? Okay, c’mon!


She is a creative head who is successfully combining fashion designing with running a reputable school in Cameroon…this is what Anrette carries in her bag…

I named my bag my rainforest because of the green colours and I usually just carry the essentials. These essentials are:-

> My Ipad for capturing the moments and for inspiration.

> A (Glamour) magazine which is a must have for me to be in the know of the latest fashion trends.

> My daily planner to assist run my life.

> My sunglasses which I cannot do without!

> The make-up I carry around is strictly the essential items only and it includes my Mary Kay lip gloss, MAC powder and foundation.

> My favourite fragrance at the moment is Lady One Million by Paco Rabbane. It has simply got that classic smell every time I use it and the bottle is easy to carry around in my handbag.

> My most important book of the moment; the Criminal Procedure Penal Code to understand the law system in Cameroon lol!

So there you have it…women will be women!! Watch out for the next handbag series!

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