Hello our dear readers, thanks for reading and following our #InMyBag fun series where we empty the handbags of our friends and play detective!!

CIA agents we are not but one thing is for sure, we do like a good snoop around and why not do it at the expense of our friends *wink*

Today we take a look at the handbag of a very busy woman…can you tell what she does by her contents? C’mon and lets take a look!!


Have you guessed yet? Okay so we will tell you…keep reading.

Marie-Christine is a determined and passionate young woman based in Douala. This is what she had to say about what is in her bag…

I carry really the most essential items.

My Blackberry phone to be in contact and to be contacted.

My Ipad which is now really an essential part of everyone’s bag these days.

My makeup…YSL/Blackup for when a retouch is necessary.

My bank card and some cash…always in case of an emergency!

My business cards…so you now you know I also run a business!

Finally, my passport. I spend my time on flights jetting across the oceans so my passport is vital!

So there you have it…you should have guessed by now that Marie-Christine is a flight attendant as well as a business owner. You go girl!!

Watch out for the next #InMyBag series coming next week.

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