We love to share information in real time and Facebook offers us an interactive platform where we are virtually face to face with the lovers of our services.

What do we offer?

On our Page you will find fashion posts. We have a daily “stylista du jour” where we choose and show you a stylish fashionista who we believe have incredible style and elegance. We also post new collection items from designers from Africa and around the world as well as fashion trends. We have styling tips where we post a style inspiration outfit put together by different platforms such as Fashion Bomb Daily.

We post on music, bringing you new video and track releases from Cameroon. In our “son de ce jour” we post our fav track of the day for your listening and dancing pleasure 🙂

We post on current affairs that catches our eye especially within the African community. We also post business related items and generally items which are core to our services.

Finally we post marketing, branding and communication quotes from known and unknown individuals which are meant to explore and inform about MMPR services.

Why not join us and see what we do!! Connect, like our Page: http://www.facebook.com/ModeMaisonPR

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