Today, we continue with another snooping session as we have done for the past 4 weeks! So what is this about? “In My Bag Snoop Style Series” is a fun session where we go snooping in the handbag of our friends. They give us access and we see exactly what they carry around in their bags daily. You know women love their bags so this is a perfect opportunity to see what a group of them really carry around. So c’mon and lets go!

Why does she carry what she carries in this bag? See below…


She is an engineer by day with a passion that lies in the creative field. Yefon is a blogger by night, blogging on all things entertainment, tech and business from Cameroon. This is what and she carries and why!

In my bag, I carry:-

> A hand lotion to use when hands are dry.

> My work ID – my bag side pocket is the safest place for it so that I don’t have to keep looking and need it for access.

> My portable phone charger which is a life saver in times of low phone battery!

> My charger plugs to connect whatever gadget to charge anywhere possible – innovation at its best!

> My cheque book which I started carrying since I came to the US for those eventuality cases.

> My umbrella for the light rainy days, one has to be prepared.

> My case with sunshades for my commute when the sun is out.

> My lens cleaner to clean my glasses and shades.

> My little case contains a few days supply of allergy medicine and vitamins. Staying healthy and fit is important non?!

> Nail polish, I have ended up with 2 in my bag since as I had planned to do my nails at a saloon during the week and I usually carry mine along.

> A lip balm, this is a must have against chapped lips.

> My head phones, she is my best friend because I am a music junkie. I need to relax and blank out the noise in order to focus.

> My wrist bands which I carry for a cause.

> The blue dotted case carries my smaller loose items in an attempt to keep my bag organised.

So there you have it!! Women will be women…see you next time!

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