In a few day’s time, #SIPEC2 takes place. SIPEC is a business networking event launched by Etonde Martin of Sheraiz Delight. The aim of the event is to connect businesses with what they need to develop and grow gracefully in their respective fields.

#SIPEC2 is on April 29th and we took some time to chat to one of their sponsors – Teks Design. Catch it all below.


MMPR: How did Teks Design come about and how long have you been in business? (What inspired it).

Teks: Mmmm! First came the idea, then the title to the idea.I love art, as a kid I drew a lot. Then came the computers; then I discovered graphic designs! This just gave my idea, I had all along an ‘expression’. Teks Design was born off passion and has Inspiration as a key driving force. So! In a brief description, “Passion inspired it”. My slogan is “Designs out of Inspiration”. My designing skills sprang out of my love for drawing graphic images and matching colors during the art. Slowly, I shifted from pencil graphics arts to computer graphic designing, that is having to do there same thing, but this time on the computer. If I should mention that graphic designing is more of a talent I have developed during the past years and with very little or no professional influence, like schooling or working.

In the past years I did graphic designing for pleasure and personal interest. But since 2 years now, I have been doing it for both business and pleasure. So I have been in business for about 2 years.

MMPR: Is this your main source of income in Cameroon?

Teks: No.

MMPR: What else do you do?

Teks: I also offer home training on computer fundamentals (IT Basics) and graphic design, which fall under Teks Design services.

MMPR: How do you source potential clients/business?

Teks: Yeah! In my little experience in this field of business, I have noticed most clients and businesses are just tired of the ordinary way of doing designs or publications. So Teks Design just hits on this weakness by doing better and out of the ordinary concept designs, and proposes to both potential and existing clients.

Truth is, when you have a taste of something good, the tendency is to tell a close friend about it. That is exactly what happens between the existing and potential clients.

Also, being a part of bodies like Sheraiz’s Entrepreneurial Initiative, has been one of the most resourceful platforms for sourcing my potential clients/businesses.

MMPR: As a business person, how did you raise your capital?

Teks: In business, we can always classify! Sole proprietorship, private and public limited. And in the same manner, capital can be raised depending on the type of business one intends to have. Teks Design falls under freelance, which is a category of sole proprietorship. That said, Teks Design’ capital was made up of my personal savings, which were little but served the purpose of getting business cards, brochures and prints of my very own sample designs for showcase.

Also, some first business deals did help me raise some money too. Asset wise, I’ve always had computers and gadgets around, I grew up loving them. So it was just good enough to tickle some uncles or aunts left and right to get stuff like that.They will always support my efforts.

MMPR: If you were to give a short business talk to students at a University, what 5 things would you tell/advise them to look out for or prepare for?

Teks: They would be:-

–          I know we all have different goals and dreams in life, some have the American dream, others the Cameroon dream, U.K dream, and so on (laughing).But I know what we all want is to succeed in whatever field we choose. Remember that there is no easy way out especially not in business. It is a long way but it is possible. So in all, you have to know what you want, make sure there is a need in the society so that your product or service you are going to put out there has a market. Be determined to succeed and don’t let difficult times put you down. You have to defineyourself from the very start!Bet you, I’m still working on some of these aspects.

–          DO WHAT YOU LOVE. This is hyper important, you have to do what you love. This is will help you     get thru those difficult times. In business you need to have passion about what you are offering because your passion will be seen in the way you put out your products/services and that is making the difference we are talking about.

–          Be radical. Business is about selling and selling more everyday. No risks no returns. Don’t be afraid to try something no one’s ever done, create an off-the-wall product or shake up an existing market by changing factors (such as a service or delivery model) that established companies take for granted. Being a student means you have lots of friends, course mates and lecturers thus potential clients, you know how it is in the University news is by word of mouth, there goes advertisement for you!  With advertisement you can push your innovation through to the right market. Make sure it is different and of top quality you will succeed in it.

–          MANAGE YOUR TIME AND USE YOUR PRESENT SITUATION WISELY. Doing your own business and going to school at the same time can be hectic and as such your objectives on both can be mixed up. To succeed in both of these you need to know what is required of you in these separate roles as a student and as a business owner. Planning is vital, you need a well kept appointment book, sticker pads, among other planning tools and make sure your set goals are time bound. Being in the University means you have access to free computers and Internet connectivity, a host of potential employees and/or volunteers and the expertise of professors who would be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. Literally speaking you’re surrounded by people and resources, so make the most of your situation.

–          Relax! Regardless of how organized and enthusiastic you are, difficult days will come. Don’t be afraid to step back from work and do whatever relaxes you. Whether it is sports, the lively company of good friends or a quiet day of meditation on the beach, take advantage of opportunities to invigorate yourself and balance your responsibilities with relaxation. Set ideas straight and do things one step at a time


–          Identify a need and know what you want

–          Do what you love

–          Be radical- take risks and try new things and advertise

–          Manage time, this is especially for students. Who have to manage work and school they have to balance time so as to succeed on both.

–          Relax! When there is too much going on just sit back and think again. Set ideas straight and do things one step at a time.

That’s it with Emmanuel Takow of Teks Design. We hope to see you all at the event at Star Land Hotel on April 29th. All details on flyer. Ciao!!


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