Today is a national day celebration in Cameroon and while everything (apart from restaurants and bars) are shut, we are still in work mode *face palm*.

It is a day chosen by the first president Ahmadou Ahidjo to abolish the federal system of government thereby creating a unitary country in 1972 since as Cameroon was previously made up of 2 sections – French Cameroun and Southern Cameroons both with their own respective dates of independence.

For as long as we can remember, the national celebrations have always been marked by school , military and union parades, speeches and more speeches under the hot sun by important government officials. All too stuffy and way too formal stuff which highlights the lack of change and freedom to inject new ideas.

So today, as part of our contribution we have decided to rebrand the day…hooraayyy! So what would we do? How would we rebrand the face of 20th May? Chuck out those chinzt lol! Enough of the old, in with the new! Rather than parades and endless speeches, we propose street parties in every town in Cameroon today. Let us use the parties to know and appreciate one another, to accept and talk to one another, to dance and eat together, to sing and laugh together, to be comfortable and open to another…let it truely be a day of great fun celebrations under the banner of “togetherness” “family” “peace” “love” and “fatherland” – our motto.

We are not perfect as once said by the Prime Minister Philemon Yang but again, there is no perfect society or people.

Wishing you all Cameroonians, lovers and friends of Cameroon, a happy national day!! Bonne fête à tous et toutes!!

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