The techology world is advancing at a pace faster than the speed of light. Everyday brings with it a new gadget, a new platform infact a new something to “play” with.

We are no tech buffins but when this was brought to our attention we were immediately struck by 2 things:

1) this is indeed happening on the African continent.
2) this is fashion on the African continent.

We all have seen how technology is especially used/employed by many reputable fashion houses/brands who have come to note how important it is for driving the business and the industry as a whole forward. One notable brand that consistently and ingeniously uses technology to improve their branding is Burberry and they currently sit on a higher echelon above the rest.

So our focus today is holodeck”. Yes…you heard right! This word used to be something that only Star Trek fans would understand, but now it is becoming quite fashionable. Touted as Holographic Mannequin Solutions, the “Holodeck” by HMS combines fashion with technology and lets you try on clothes in virtual reality unleashed at the recent South Africa Fashion Week.

So what does this mean to fashion brands, retail businesses and consumers? Watch and learn!

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