Are you like us wondering how to stop your nail polish (done at home) from chipping and would you like to get an extended wear out of it? Is that a yes? Okay, then keep reading!

Our PR girl Cynthia is today posting about the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat which has this on the box promise “This ultra glossy gel top coat is anti-chip and designed for extended wear.” The Nail HQ is a new generation of nail treatments infused with cutting edge technologies found in cosmetics, skin and hair care. It is a registered trademark with the product made in the UK.

The Gel Top Coat with Optical Brighteners is fast drying, sealing in colour, protecting against chipping and extended wear time. The formulation leaves an ultra glossy smooth finish, without the need for a UV lamp (hooraaay!!) adding a high gloss finish (nice one!!).

So Cynthia has been having quite some issues with getting her nail polish to last even for 3-5 days without chipping. A big no no for a fashionista right?! Remember we posted about self packaging and branding and ofcourse we must practise that!


Today we will do a test to see how long the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat lasts. Will it meet what it promotes on its box and will Cynthia be a satisfied consumer? All will be revealed in  a few days time. For now, this is what Cynthia did…

  • Applied 2 coats of Gabrini Multivitamin colour 324 nail polish.
  • Applied 1 coat of Nail HQ Gel Top Coat And left to set. This is what it looks like…so far it did what it said on the tin.


Let the challenge begin…!! The product costs £5.99 from any supermarket or beauty store.

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