Last week our PR girl Cynthia was putting the £5.99 magic Gel Top Coat by Nail HQ to the test. She was fed up of her home painted nails chipping and wanted to find a solution that would give her longer wear and beautiful nails.

Nail HQ’s magic product on the box promise was protection against chipping and had had been designed for extended wear…has our PR girl found the ultimate solution? Read more on that post here


So she followed the directions as indicated on the box. She used 2 coats of nail polish and 1 coat of the Gel Top Coat. Seven days later, this is what her finger nails looked like…


This is what Cynthia had to say…”I was very sceptical of this product but I have to say that I may have found the answer to my nail worries! I use my hands on water especially quite a lot and to get 7 days wear out of my nail polish is great! I will definitely tell others about this little magic.”

So if you too are having chipping or wear issues with your nail polish, the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat could be your answer. try it and let us know too! You can buy it from the supermarket or the beauty stores.

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