Based on a few posts we read on Facebook from a few people commenting about finding it a bit challenging to step onto the Twitter game, we decided to do a 5 step tip post to help. Yes, we are nice like that 😉

The social media scene is great, it allows one to really step into a live interactive world where one’s posts are fast and instantly visible. However, mistakes cannot be so easily rectified or recalled so one has to be careful as reputation can be at stake. So THINK before you CLICK!! Social media can build up a brand’s reputation at a snap of a finger but it can also drag it through the mud at a blink of an eye.

Here are our 5 tips which enabled our PR girl Cynthia get secure on Twitter enabling her to get over 2100 followers.

1) Your twitter handle says it all. Make sure it is easily memorable. Remember that you can always link up your Twitter account to Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogspot and with all that you can get your information synchronised and can write on multiple platforms with a single tweet.

2) Before you will get followers, you need to start by being a follower. The trick here is to start by following those who are known within your field of interest(s).

3) How to get noticed? Why not put together a group panel discussion of key topics from your field of interest. For Cynthia, her #TalkAfricaFashion sessions really opened her up to the Twitter African fashion world enabling her to amass followers.

4) Get your retweeting button going! When you retweet posts that are relevant or current, you are also likely to be retweeted which is an easy way to get followers from circles you were unaware of!

5) What will your tweets consist of? Overall on your timeline, it will be your posts that will allow you to keep your followers. Make your posts current, relevant, interesting, watch out for typos, use hashtags and be consistent. If you can post daily however, do not leave your handle dormant for more than 7 days.

Hope our post helps!! Follow us and our PR girl on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR / @Brownschuga

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