Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child has been quietly working in the background shunning the rather glitzy lives of her other 2 counterparts and notably Mrs Hova – Beyoncé who is constantly on a media frenzy with sold out world tours, secret releases of new albums complete with its own videos and being a witness to secret elevator fights…

So here we have it, Michelle Williams takes to the world stage to proclaim her Christian belief with this track entitled “Say Yes” released today. An old African Christian song rejuvenated but staying very close to its original source with outstanding vocals from all 3 and the result is perfect! We hope that she will continue in this light and remain true to herself and her identity.

On a styling point, they all look fantastic. Queen Bey looks majestic and trendy…and Kelly, well from the baggy tops and half body shots, we definitely know that she was/is pregnant. Congrats Mama!

So we hope you enjoyed it…replay abuse typa video/song right? Yes, ok! On another note, somebody please feed Michelle 😦

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