Would you love the idea of camping in the great outdoors, but you can’t quite say goodbye to your creature comforts? Well then say hello to “Glamping”, the perfect solution featuring all of the best bits of camping with a little luxury and glamour thrown in. Glamping can be a great experience!

What exactly is glamping?

Glamping is exactly as its name suggests: the perfect combination of outdoor living and hotel comfort. The concept has actually been around for a few years now, but is really starting to take off especially with those looking for an alternative to beach holidays or city breaks.



According to David Troya, founder of Glamping Hub, a glamping site needs to essentially have two elements: immediate access to outdoor life rather than a hotel lobby and the comforts you might find in a hotel (a comfortable bed, hot water etc). So you might choose to stay in a yurt with a double bed and wood-burning stove or you could choose a beach hut with a door opening out onto a beautiful beach. The options are endless.

Is glamping right for you?

With so many glamping experiences available, this type of break should appeal to anybody. Couples, families, singletons and even honeymooners are choosing this type of holiday today and glamping is also becoming more popular as a corporate team building option.

Glamping is also perfect for those planning a staycation – that’s where you choose to have a vacation in your home country or just a few miles from home. You’ll also find that more and more music festivals are offering glamping options for their customers that also give you VIP access to music areas and other exclusive offers.

What’s the first step in finding a glamp site?

If you’ve decided that glamping is the holiday of choice for you, it’s time to start planning. Think about where you would like to go geographically. Are you looking to tour Europe, go to Africa or are you looking for something a little closer to home?

You will also need to set your budget. Glamping can be a lot more expensive than camping and most prices are closer to what you would expect to pay for a night in a boutique hotel. The thing to remember here however is that you are also paying for a unique experience as well as the accommodation itself. The beauty is that the camping elements of your trip can save you money. For example, you can cook dinner over a campfire instead of eating at a fancy restaurant or enjoy a few drinks under the stars.

What to take with you

You’ll still need to consider how much you’ll be outdoors when packing your overnight things. Wellington boots, wet weather gear, gloves, hats, warm clothing and a torch are just some of the items you’ll need to pack. What you take will largely depend on the weather and where you are going, but it’s always best to be prepared for everything especially if you are going to be far away from civilization.

What to expect when choosing a glamping holiday

Don’t always assume that you are going to find a truly glamorous experience. Even if you stay in a yurt with a woodburner and comfortable bed, you might still find the odd bug here and there, experience damp and draughts and strange noises outside your door.



The thing with glamping is that it is more camping than glamour in most cases, and it has to be. When glamping, you are essentially on your own in the great outdoors, close to nature and away from the insular protection and luxury of solid walls, room service, air conditioning or conventional heating. The good news is that the majority of glamping sites don’t require you to have any gear and offer amenities that you would not usually find at a traditional campsite.

There are many glamp sites featured on Tripadvisor today and it’s a great idea to do your research first. What did people do, how did they rate the site, what activities and amenities are on offer?

And when you find a great glamp site, you can experience camping at its best. Whether you want to toast marshmallows as the sun goes down, camp out in a tent in the African bush or enjoy cocktails in your very own treehouse, there is a glamping holiday to suit your needs and your budget.

Written by Daniel Abrahams, Co-founder and CEO of

As seen on A Luxury Travel Blog.

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