Today, we wanted to share with you our 3 very simple top tips for working with a music artist who has previously released under another team or a different name. If you are a record label exec or a studio looking to work with such an artist, our simple tips could be helpful to you.

Here it goes…

1. Re-branding

If you are working with such an artist, re-branding them will enable you to reinvent and freshen them up enabling you to align them to your company/agency vision and objectives. This re-branding could be either in their music style or their image or their communication style.

2. Re-introduce

If you are working with such an artist, it is imperative that the artist is re-introduced to the public under the new banner of the new company/new name so that a public awareness is created to enable the artist to be well received when they subsequently release.

3. Release

After the re-branding and re-introduction processes have been carried out, then the artist is now ready to release their song into the market.

And that is our 3 R’s top tips of the day! We hope it was helpful and will be useful. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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