Cameroon is now winning awards and thus being exposed on the world stage. With this exposure comes a great demand for our artists to start looking and acting the part. Today, we are taking a focus on our female entertainers, giving them 3 simple and basic key tips to boost their image.



We may love body hair in Cameroon but unfortunately on the international stage, a hairy woman is a no no! Therefore, please attempt to epilate regularly. There should be no hair on the:-

  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Legs
  • Lower thigh (depending on how short you go)
  • Under arms
  • Lower belly
  • Bikini

Take the time to understand how your hair grows so to avoid shaving bumps which could look unflattering on photo or video shoots. If you are able to stand the heat, then go down the waxing route. This is more painful but the results could be longer.

Also ensure your eyebrows are in tip top condition. We would say a big no no to shaving your brows with shaving stick / razor blade but rather pluck or thread them.



Everything in the entertainment scene is slowing taking shape in Cameroon and the image side is no exception. This then means that the entertainers in the industry have a better chance than before at being polished and looking polished. There is no need for us to see female entertainers with badly applied makeup when Sandra Ekukole and her Bih Youty initiative are changing the game! We recommend her for all your photo and video sessions because she has shown a natural and a very professional approach to her work. We also recommend that you book a few sessions to learn basic makeup application which will benefit you in your everyday wear. Remember this industry is very much an image industry.


Keep up with the happenings and new trends in the fashion world by reading online which is free. We recommend you visit, Haute Fashion Africa, African Prints In Fashion, Zen Magazine and also follow fashion bloggers such as Art Becomes You, Miss Blizzers, Fashion Bomb Daily etc

If you can afford it, why not partner with someone who is creatively more stylish to become your stylist and enhance your image.

For those who are already comfortable with their styling, Cameroon has many shops and boutiques such as Runway, Mango, Zara, Ward*Robe (our concept store coming soon in Bonamoussadi ;)) and Carm Store. The markets are also a great place to pick up a bargain or three! Marché Mokolo in Yaoundé certainly has hidden treasures when you sift! Marché Congo and Marché Central in Douala are hits too! For the creatively gifted, this could be a shopper’s/stylist’s haven!

TIP: know your body type and then dress accordingly to accentuate or flatter it. Do not “follow fashion”, but absorb all you can and then translate it to fit who you are and what you have.


If you would like to discuss image/branding with us, do not hesitate to drop us a line. Are you a record label or studio about to launch a female artist? Talk to us first and let us work through their brand outlook prior to launch.

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