Stanley Enow is so far having a brilliant music career. From breaking records to setting records winning worldwide acclaimed awards and jetting across cities around the world to attend shows to collaborating with BBC 1Xtra representing Cameroon in their “1Xtra World Cup Freestyle” campaign.

So here we are, a third single and video looms in the air most likely to be released following his US visit where he is expected to attend the African Muzik Magazine Awards – (AFRIMMA) following his double nomination on the Best Newcomer and Best Male Central Africa categories. Voting link shared below but first enjoy the snippet for Njama Njama Cow.


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Would you love the idea of camping in the great outdoors, but you can’t quite say goodbye to your creature comforts? Well then say hello to “Glamping”, the perfect solution featuring all of the best bits of camping with a little luxury and glamour thrown in. Glamping can be a great experience!

What exactly is glamping?

Glamping is exactly as its name suggests: the perfect combination of outdoor living and hotel comfort. The concept has actually been around for a few years now, but is really starting to take off especially with those looking for an alternative to beach holidays or city breaks.



According to David Troya, founder of Glamping Hub, a glamping site needs to essentially have two elements: immediate access to outdoor life rather than a hotel lobby and the comforts you might find in a hotel (a comfortable bed, hot water etc). So you might choose to stay in a yurt with a double bed and wood-burning stove or you could choose a beach hut with a door opening out onto a beautiful beach. The options are endless.

Is glamping right for you?

With so many glamping experiences available, this type of break should appeal to anybody. Couples, families, singletons and even honeymooners are choosing this type of holiday today and glamping is also becoming more popular as a corporate team building option.

Glamping is also perfect for those planning a staycation – that’s where you choose to have a vacation in your home country or just a few miles from home. You’ll also find that more and more music festivals are offering glamping options for their customers that also give you VIP access to music areas and other exclusive offers.

What’s the first step in finding a glamp site?

If you’ve decided that glamping is the holiday of choice for you, it’s time to start planning. Think about where you would like to go geographically. Are you looking to tour Europe, go to Africa or are you looking for something a little closer to home?

You will also need to set your budget. Glamping can be a lot more expensive than camping and most prices are closer to what you would expect to pay for a night in a boutique hotel. The thing to remember here however is that you are also paying for a unique experience as well as the accommodation itself. The beauty is that the camping elements of your trip can save you money. For example, you can cook dinner over a campfire instead of eating at a fancy restaurant or enjoy a few drinks under the stars.

What to take with you

You’ll still need to consider how much you’ll be outdoors when packing your overnight things. Wellington boots, wet weather gear, gloves, hats, warm clothing and a torch are just some of the items you’ll need to pack. What you take will largely depend on the weather and where you are going, but it’s always best to be prepared for everything especially if you are going to be far away from civilization.

What to expect when choosing a glamping holiday

Don’t always assume that you are going to find a truly glamorous experience. Even if you stay in a yurt with a woodburner and comfortable bed, you might still find the odd bug here and there, experience damp and draughts and strange noises outside your door.



The thing with glamping is that it is more camping than glamour in most cases, and it has to be. When glamping, you are essentially on your own in the great outdoors, close to nature and away from the insular protection and luxury of solid walls, room service, air conditioning or conventional heating. The good news is that the majority of glamping sites don’t require you to have any gear and offer amenities that you would not usually find at a traditional campsite.

There are many glamp sites featured on Tripadvisor today and it’s a great idea to do your research first. What did people do, how did they rate the site, what activities and amenities are on offer?

And when you find a great glamp site, you can experience camping at its best. Whether you want to toast marshmallows as the sun goes down, camp out in a tent in the African bush or enjoy cocktails in your very own treehouse, there is a glamping holiday to suit your needs and your budget.

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Almost two weekends ago when our London PR girl crossed the channel to the other fashionable side of Paris, it was to meet and discuss with the founder of the brand below about a short term PR partnership. In fact the brand is a returning client and we are very excited to handle the content creation for their new collection launch promo. Check out the past collection on our post here. Let’s get re-acquainted shall we…!

My Miry is a brand that speaks to all women sensitive to fashion and style; the bold and the subtle, the classic and the fashionable. It combines that which is fantasy with that which is real life to create footwear, leather goods and accessories straight from their drawing board and manufacturer studios to the wardrobes of busy independent women like the most of us so we do not go by unnoticed.

Sara Coulibaly the founder and head creative has a thing for feet. This Paris based Ivorian entrepreneur has a passion for making women’s feet look glamorous and sexy in a simple and elegant way. Over one year ago since she re-branded as “My Miry” which literally translates as “my thoughts” in the Malinké dialect, the brand has transformed itself into an affordable yet exclusive premium footwear and accessories brand crafted from the drawing board of Sara’s imagination, inspired by her own passions and brought to life in a studio in the South of Spain which enlists Carolina Herrera as a client.

Since her first pair of shoes, Sara Coulibaly has magnified through every pair the beauty of fusing materials, the resourcefulness of craftsmanship and the subtle yet eclectic contrast of colours which is seen in this new collection termed “Heaven

The concept on this new collection is comfort and simplicity – there are low pumps for the everyday woman who is confident in her own skin, there are high heels for the woman bringing some sexiness back into her step. The pieces are refined and elegant, modern and ethnic to accentuate the feet. A great quality fit adapted to the life of the woman in motion.

My desire is to see women’s feet look elegant in a comfortable way. The new collection is for any woman who loves beauty and simplicity” stated Sara.

Earlier this month, Sara Coulibaly also partnered on a 6 piece collection with French TV host Hapsatou Sy which was launched at the “Antikod” show in Paris which our PR girl also attended.

Would you like to see the collection? Well, check out the gallery for more.

Their shoes are certainly crafted from scratch to be worn by you with love…!


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Marketing expert Al Lautenslager explains how you can engage your customers, create brand believers and gain fans for everything you sell. In this edited excerpt, the author describes eight strategies you can use to make your marketing messages cut through the media clutter that your prospects and customers see every day.

How does a marketer stand out in the crowded marketing storm? How can you hit your target market right between the eyes and cut through the media clutter that’s all around you?

Every day there are new messaging ideas and re-purposed content from thought leaders and marketers of all types. If your messages are part of that clutter, your goal is to lift them above the clutter and get noticed. Here are eight essential solutions to consider by Al Lautenslager as you start off and move closer to that marketing holy grail:

1. Focus on solutions. This is what customers are really looking for. And when there’s demand, half of your marketing job is done. Products and services that have a high demand get noticed early and often. Give your target market what they want or what they’re interested in looking at. Offer something that shouts “I’m a problem solver” or “I’m a solution” quickly, and your message will get noticed.

2. Aim at your target market. Marketing that doesn’t hit its intended target is classified as a waste, inefficient or junk (as in “junk mail”). Marketing that does hit its target market is classified as interesting, effective and very efficient. The key here is to give your target market something that interests them. If you’re a senior citizen interested in classical music, a direct-mail piece about the newest music releases for the latest rock-and-roll bands won’t do the job — you’re not part of the rock-and-roll music target market.

3. Use headlines and subtitles. Make these titles (and subtitles) provocative, thought-provoking, extreme and completely unexpected. One of the best headlines I’ve seen–one I know got noticed–was “Things the Government Won’t Tell You About Terrorism.” Another one that garnered equal attention was “7 Mistakes Banks Make Every Day.” Both would get attention and make people want to read more.

4. Have a crystal-clear message. Graphics can get attention, but don’t let them overwhelm your marketing to the point where your message isn’t being communicated. The famous advertising guru David Ogilvy once said, “I do not regard advertising as an entertainment or an art form but as a medium of information. When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” You can’t bore people into taking notice with boring or unclear messages.

5. Try extreme marketing messaging. The truth is, extreme marketing works. Things that state the opposite, the negative and mistakes get attention. Here are examples of headlines or messages that get noticed because of their extreme nature:

  • How to Run Your Company into the Ground in One Week
  • How to Make Your Salespeople 10 Percent More Efficient
  • How I Grew Profits by 0.005 Percent

All these headlines would probably get your attention and make you want to read on because of their extreme nature.

6. Offer a marketing hook. This is another way to get noticed that’s especially prevalent in content marketing circles today. Simply put, information is offered as an incentive for additional contact. This “hooks” a prospect, setting the stage for further communication. Here are a few examples of hooks:

  • Call us today for a free mortgage loan calculator.
  • Download a free recipe ebook that uses our spices and seasonings.
  • Stop by today for a free vase for your Mother’s Day flowers.

All these hooks offer something of value to an interested prospect. They’ll all increase not only the attention your pieces get but your response rates as well.

7. Leverage odd items, shapes, and sizes. Another thing to consider when you want your pieces to stand out from the crowd is to create something that’s a different size or has a different tone or is otherwise outside the normal format. This includes odd-shaped mailing pieces, extreme colours or messages, and choosing unusual times at which to approach your target market, like talking about Christmas in the spring. Carlsbad Brewery once dropped fake passports in the New York City subway system to notify their target market about a new product they were launching. Finding a passport on the subway was unexpected; it’s not something you see every day. Carlsbad’s messages got noticed.

8. Answer directly “What’s in it for the prospect?” Holiday Inn Express advertised that their motels had the “number-one customer-rated shower head.” Have you ever been asked to rate a shower head? Holiday Inn discovered this was important to their target market and communicated that message directly to them. You can listen and read all about the features of a Holiday Inn Express, but hearing about the number-one customer-rated shower head speaks to something all visitors want. What’s in it for them? A superior shower. Superior showers get noticed.

Standing out from the marketing clutter will always be a marketer’s challenge. Starting with these fundamentals will help you break through.

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What makes a hotel unique? Hotels can no longer be defined only by the amenities they provide, it has become essential to have a theme,or a place with character which defines it. Business and casual travelers alike would prefer staying at a place with history, a back story or even something as simple as furniture which defines the place. With that in mind, here are the 10 of the most unique hotels in the world.

1. Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Nestled within the forest on the banks of the river Lule, this hotel lends a very different twist to Eco hotels. The hotel consists of tree rooms, cabins and cubes all suspended 4-6m from the ground and made from Eco outdoor wood and glass and uses LED’s and water efficient sinks to promote sustainability. When you check-in you are taken to the Britta’s Pensionat which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an authentic 1930-1950’s setting and also doubles up as a reception. Sustainable tourism was never this modern and this chic.

Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

2. Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

There are two types of accommodation available for guests who brave the cold to come here; Igloos of snow and of glass. The snow igloos give you a novel experience of sleeping in the snow, some guests leave saying that it is the most peaceful sleep they’ve slept. The glass igloos offer unparalleled sights of the northern lights and countless stars on the pristine skies from the warmth of your room. Surrounded by Lapland’s exotic and stunning scenery, there’s never enough time to soak in all that this paradise has to offer. And there are always snow fights if you’re bored enough.

Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

3. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

The claim to fame of this peculiar hotel lies not with its rooms or its past guests (Who were quite esteemed) but its permanent residents, the Rothschild giraffes. There can never be a dull moment during your stay with the giraffes always vying for your attention. Some might poke their long necks inside the window for a treat while some might be just curious and pop in from the front door for a brief hello. It might be the only establishment which encourages the guests to become more familiar with the giraffes and if you’re not satisfied you can always head to the Giraffe centre to learn more.


4. Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

This might be the most primitive hotel in Sweden if not the world. With no electricity, no running water, one might wonder why anyone would go there at all. In fact they expect you to cut your own wood, fetch your own water and got berry picking for snacks, the only thing that they offer thankfully, are the meals which happen in a candle lit room which is actually fairly romantic. If you are cold, heat up the floating sauna (which is in the middle of the lake behind the lodges) and feel like a real man or woman of the woods!

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

5. Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

Every room in this hotel is different and a destination unto itself. The rooms are all themed and provided amenities you never knew you needed. Some have patterns, some have coffins but the most popular of them all is a room which might seem totally normal, when viewed upside down. All the furniture in the said room is suspended upside down. Of course the useable furniture can be made to pop up from carefully hidden compartments in the floor when required. Go if you’re in the mood to take back a quirky story not just of the city sights but also of your stay.

Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

6. Poseidon, somewhere below the sea, Fiji

If you register in time you might be lucky enough to be invited to stay at this “out of the world” hotel. Imagine a huge glass fish tank and put all the plush interiors you would expect from a 5 star rated hotel and then put the tank inside the sea in one of the most marine rich waters of the world and you have the concept of this hotel. Of course imagining yourself inside the room is another things altogether. Except for the vague discomfort of being on display for the fishes 24/7 it’s a bucket list item for sure.

Poseidon, somewhere below the sea, Fiji

7. Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

There is a fairy tale of a mountain that has magical powers and grants wishes. I have read of it and forgotten it but the owners of the hotel went one step further and built a hotel based on it. A mountain with a waterfall cascading down its sides and a hotel within it, stuff made of dreams I say. As you’d expect from staying somewhere this magical, your senses become tuned to the vibrant ecosystem of the forest. Though it is in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, with Condors and eagles in the air and pumas on the ground you can never feel starved of company.

Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile

8. Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

With the setting of what probably one of the last remaining pristine oases of the world, a hill (popularly called White Mountain), the lake Siwa and ruins of an era bygone, the hotel has a lot going for it even before stepping inside. The earth buildings blend naturally with the surroundings and the furniture does justice to its theme of Eco sustainability while supporting local artisans. The peaceful silence coupled with spectacular lunches beneath the palms and sunset with the dunes offers a tempo which is its own. It has no air-con, marble or electricity but it forces us to revise our definition of luxury. Home to the Oracle whom Alexander consulted, this place is divine indeed.

Adrere Amellal, Siwa Oasis, Egypt

9. Cappadocia Cave Suites, Turkey

Located in the city of Göremewith the world famous fairy chimneys to give company, the hotel offers stone and cave homes of hollowed out soft volcanic rocks for enterprising guests who wish to immerse themselves into the experience. Except for the shape of walls and the odd jutting out pieces of rocks and perhaps the not so arched archways of the doors, the rooms embody the very modern concept of luxury, a sharp contrast to the cave dwellers of the past. All in all if you are in the mood for tracing out the cave man or woman in you, you can’t go wrong with this.


10. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Arctic Circle

This is more a work of art than a hotel. Artists from around the world, apply to build this temporary hotel, which is in existence only for the winter months, with building materials (snow and ice) harvested from the nearby Torne River. The rooms can be as elaborate as palaces and as bare boned as a shepherds lodge depending upon the artists imagination, but the experience on staying there remains the same. There are however different options for the more picky, with different levels of warm furniture included going all the way up to warm accommodations for those who cannot brave the cold. These are however not made of ice or snow but of warmer, more traditional building materials like wood. For those wondering how to brave the minus temperatures while sleeping, guests get survival course each night as an introduction on how to sleep in these extreme climates. Pretty slick!

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Arctic Circle

Wow…how truly unique!! Have you visited/stayed in any of these hotels before? If yes, please leave us your feedback and comment.

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