Tirelessly but purposefully we worked hard yesterday managing and overseeing every detail of the 2 online strategies which we planned for the online release of CIANA‘s much awaited debut video after a release of the teaser a forthnight ago.

So here we are, both strategies well executed despite the slow internet connections culminating to the big reveal which was the Ozeile Nchiengo video.


The beautiful Buea based resident of real name Caroline Takon Jabe and under the wings of No Hitz No Recordz has shown her inevitable talent through her video directed by Adah Akenji. A music video which features quality colour graded and black & white images of the artist both sexy and super feminine but also very sporty with a touch of the « rude girl » side.

« Ozeile Nchiengo » whose literal meaning translates as « You know I am better than you » in the Bangwa language of the South West Province reflects our Queen Cece’s sentiment to want to  impose herself in an environment that is quasi-male, and in all still keeping her soft and feminine side with great humility and modesty.


It’s just the beginning of a long journey. I am overwhelmed so far by the support and I pray you all help me grow in my work” she states.

Prepare to receive hurricane CIANA as she marks her footprint on the Cameroon rap scene bringing with it a new air that is fresh, feminine and very hot !


The viral video which is currently at over 1,000 views just in 1 day was directed by Adah Akenji and the audio was produced by AnyKindBeats and mastered by BeatBaller for No Hitz No Recordz. Enjoy!!

Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana

Facebook: Miss Ciana

YouTube: Miss Ciana

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