So here we are today with a take 2 due to a rescheduling last week of rising rapstar CIANA‘s passage on the Ohio based African Cocktail show with host Ernest Kanjo as she discussed music and Ozeile Nchiengo her new release on the online Afrikka Radio.

For those who could tune in and follow the session, thank you very much for the support and for those who missed below is a retake of her slot. Happy listening! Oh by the way, we are also ecstatic to let you all know that the video released 9 days ago has finally surpassed the 5,000 mark and it is all because of you, yes you!! Thank you all ;)!


 Happy listening to the radio show below.

If you are yet to catch the video to Ozeile Nchiengo, here it is…

Much thanks to Ernest Kanjo for his immense support so far on this journey. He rocks!!

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