We today discovered a story about a theft that took place in a 3 storey closet belonging to a US socialite we have never heard off and so we decided to check her closet…we mean however did she do it and like seriously, who owns a closet that covers a whole house and looks more like a luxury boutique than a personal wardobe?! Hein mère, you are very trong oh!! Okay so follow this little exchange Neiman Marcus did with her…let’s go!

We’ve never met a girl without several items on her fashion wish list, and we can all agree that this one is a bigger closet! When we found out Theresa Roemer was renovating her closet at her Houston-area home, we had to take a look inside. This entrepreneur, Mrs. Texas United America 2010, and fundraising gal loves to host champagne parties for charitable causes in her 3,000-square-foot closet. “There’s no reason for me to have this amazing, gorgeous closet if I can’t do fundraisers in it, too, right?” says Roemer. A few weeks ago we sat down with Roemer to talk about clothes, handbags and shoes.

Theresa Roemer

NM: How long does it take you to get ready every morning?
TR: It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready at any given time.

NM: What was the idea behind your closet?
TR: My closet is my dressing room, but more importantly, it’s my retreat. I like to call it my “female man-cave.”

Theresa Roemer

NM: Walk us through this amazing space.
TR: I planned it the way I dress. With it being a three-story space, I have my furs and hats on the third floor, and my shoes, clothes and vanity on the second floor (which is also where I get my hair and makeup done, where the champagne bar is and where I ultimately think about the look I’m going for. And finally, the first floor is where I keep my jewelry and my handbags; those are the last pieces I put on to finalize any outfit.

Theresa Roemer


NM: Do you have particular favourites in your closet?
TR: I have to say, my favorite designer handbags are Hermes. I have over 60 Birkins, even though I love Chanel, Fendi and Dior bags. As far as shoes, it always comes down to Christian Louboutin; I can’t get enough of them! I actually have a pair on right now.

Hermès Birkin handbags

NM: What about flat shoes?
TR: The only time you catch me in a flat is in my running shoes when I’m exercising. In the summertime, it’s always cute to put on a summer dress with a pair of flat Tory Burch shoes, but I’m a high-heels girl.


NM: What was your last purchase at NM?
TF: It was a red Tom Ford dress with zippers all around the back.

NM: Name some of your favorite brands.
TR: Definitely Hermes; it’s timeless. And I love Donna Karan and Tom Ford – their clothes fit perfectly.


NM: Of all your shoes, which are your favorites?
TR: I love these Louboutin peep-toes and my Miu Miu sandals, because I love the idea of wearing ‘jewels’ on my feet. You can put on a black dress and these shoes, and you are set to go. I love how I feel when I’m wearing them.

Christian Louboutin shoes

NM: You have an amazing jewelry collection. Are these gifts from your husband, or do you buy your own jewellery?
TR: Oh, besides my wedding ring and special occasion pieces, I buy all of my jewelry.

NM: What is your most extravagant piece of jewellery?
TR: Antique ceremonial contract bracelets that were used for marriage ceremonies in the Indian culture. They belonged to my husband’s mother and were gifted to me by my father-in-law.


NM: Do you have a favorite scent, or do you mix fragrances?
TR: My personal fragrance would have to be Portrait of a Lady from Frederic Malle. I actually met him a while ago at a luncheon, and he sprayed the fragrance on me and said, “This is your perfume.” So that was it!


NM: Who, besides yourself, has access to the closet?
TR: My daughter always says that she doesn’t need to go to the store; she can just shop my closet! And of course I do let a few, very special friends borrow my Birkin bags.


So what are your sentiments dear readers…? Those who would like to have Theresa as a mother or grandma put your hands up 😉 !!

Unfortunately, quite a number of items from this closet have been stolen with the alleged thief claiming that the items in his possession are fakes! He is demanding that Theresa pay a large amount of money otherwise he would reveal all. Oh oh!! The secret lives of the rich and famous or just plain garbage!

With thanks to the Neiman Marcus blog. Photography by Chinh Phan.

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