We are almost at the final trimestre of 2014 and behind the scenes at ModeMaison PR (aka MMPR), we have identified a few areas we are going to focus on for our main clients notably MAMA & AFRIMMA 2014 winner Stanley Enow as well as the newest rap queen in town CIANA.

The offline post release media tour for Ozeile Nchiengo continues with CIANA being booked on more radio and television shows within Cameroon. Her appearance on the Sky Rap show on Sky One Radio today was also a great turn out. Online, we will be launching a new initiative at the beginning of September to ensure that the public spends September with Ozeile Nchiengo in mind!! Watch this space 😉

MMPR Canva

Following the campaign #MadeOfBlack launched by Guinness in Africa, Stanley Enow as a main influencer within the music scene has been chosen as one of the main campaign ambassadors representing Cameroon. The campaign concept celebrates “black” as a positive and influencing attitude rather than a colour with a negative connotation. More on this Stanley role will be discussed in another post soon. 

September also leads to new ideas we will be introducing for Stanley Enow to uphold his fan interaction and also to show his appreciation. Keep your eyes tuned and peeled to our online home for more updates about our clients.

One more day to go and September will be here, we are excited!! Whether you are looking to build your brand, reintroduce your brand or simply buzz your brand, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact tab above and we will be happy to assist you 🙂

Are you yet to watch the CIANA Ozeile Nchiengo video? Here it is!

Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana

Youtube/Facebook: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram: @StanleyEnow

Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

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