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We are taking it back, back in time…well to a few months/weeks to re-focus your attention on Cameroon’s first female rapping sensation – CIANA. Following the release of her second single and subsequent debut video entitled “Ozeile Nchiengo”; the sensational femcee is proving that she too has a great contribution to make on the Cameroon music scene.

With the growing popularity of her brand and the viral debut video; come join us as we spend the month of September with CIANA in a session called #Ciana30. Follow this hashtag online to keep up with the session and you too could also be a winner as every day we will give out mobile phone credits direct to your phone in Cameroon to the first person with the correct answer to our daily questions!

We have also partnered with London based POM Radio station so tune in also to the The request show on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout this September where our questions and winners’ names could be announced. Follow the show here >


In a few hour’s time we will be releasing the first question on the POM Radio site as well as on CIANA‘s Facebook Page Miss Ciana and on Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR so do keep calm and follow the session!!

If you are yet to watch her debut viral video, here it is…!

Twitter/Instagram follow: @bestciana

Facebook: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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