You could go from a “chargeur” aka “motor park boy” one day, a news headliner the next and a campaign ambassador another…yes you could and that is just the life of Cameroon’s reigning rap king Stanley Enow who paid a surprise visit to “his jongleurs” in one of Douala’s biggest market Marché Centrale on Tuesday rolling up his sleeves and digging right in re-living the daily lives of many in the market.




I came from here and even though I am now touring the world, this is still where I come from. I want to set an example to all my Cameroonian brothers and sisters who are hustling like me to let them know never to lose who they are.Stanley stated.  Even though some very expensive items were lost during the visit, Stanley still left in high spirits and satisfied with what he had done.

His status as the new celebrity in Cameroon gives him the opportunity of being featured almost daily in a variety of online and offline media platforms and one of such is his feature today on one of Cameroon’s most prolific newspaper – Cameroon Tribune in which Stanley highlighted the fact that an artist should be able to live on his talent. A difficult thing for most of the artistic talents in Cameroon however we believe that one day, things will change for the better.



The Made Of Black campaign launched by international household brand Guiness is one which upholds black as not a colour but rather an attitude that is capable of exerting and directing change through a series of positive vibes and aspirations. and it is for this reason which Stanley Enow currently sits as one of the Cameroon campaign ambassador alongside the former Miss Cameroon 2013 Valerie Ayena with other ambassadors such as Nigeria’s Phyno and Ghana’s Fuse ODG.


Stanley Enow strongly believes in the power of positivity and is committed to using his new found celebrity status to portray and encourage positivity at all times. With messages such as…

Black unleashes its potential, Black got swagger, Black creates, Black is fun, Black is a mindset, Black never gives up…the Made Of Black campaign is one we will strongly endorse. For more information:


When Stanley Enow is not working, you can catch him giving back to his community in association with the Stanley Enow Foundation. On Saturday he did just that by spending the day at an orphanage where he sang, prayed and played and danced with the children he called “the leaders of tomorrow.”


Stanley Enow, our “man no rest” as we call him appreciates the love and support you the fan give him. The journey is still long and we hope you continue to support him so that together we will build the Cameroon we want to see.

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