This month has started on a very busy tip with a major focus on CIANA, our new hiphop queen in Cameroon. We kicked of the #Ciana30 initiative which is primarily aimed at drawing the public that much closer to CIANA through a daily question and answer session in association with London based POM Radio Extra online with each winner a day receiving airtime credits to their phone number in Cameroon.


So far so great and we are excited at the number of correct answers a day. Yesterday also saw us mark a one month anniversary since the release of Ozeile Nchiengo which stood at over 8,600 views already yesterday morning. CIANA‘s message to the public was one of gratitude and believe that the impossible can be made possible through a believe in God. Thank you all once more for the support shown.

Tomorrow, CIANA is the invited guest on the Youth Inside TV show on Equinox TV so do not forget to tune in to catch the new reigning queen. The #Ciana30 session continues today and you can follow it on Twitter @ModeMaisonPR or on her Facebook Page – MISS CIANA.


Catch you soon!

If you have not seen her Ozeile Nchiengo video, here it is! Pass it on will you 😉

Twitter/Instagram follow: @bestciana

Facebook/Youtube: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram follow us: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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