The countdown has just begun as we excitedly and eagerly sit up and watch backstage as rap artist CIANA‘s debut video Ozeile Nchiengo crosses the 10,000 mark after just one month!! This is such an achievement for her and it certainly has not been easy. A dedicated strategy is being worked with to achieve this result and we are also thankful that overall the Cameroon public has been very receptive of the new budding star. With over 150 likes in comparison to just 4 dislikes and very encouraging comments on the video link on Youtube, we are convinced that this song and video made the impact we hoped for.

Follow her September long online daily initiative #Ciana30 in association with Pom Radio Extra on Twitter @ModeMaisonPR or on her Facebook Page Miss Ciana for a chance to win airtime credits to a number in Cameroon. C’mon it is fun and we have 8 proud winners already 😉

Check out the video below…

Twitter/Instagram follow: @bestciana

Facebook: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram follow us: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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