It has been a whirlwind but rather very busy 42 days since the release of Ozeile Nchiengo by rapstar CIANA as we secretly worked and worked and employed our ideas with the goal of getting the video views to cross the 10,000 mark barrier. And guess what, we finally did so very late last night and it was a joyous jubilation all around in the camp 🙂 🙂


We envisaged a wide online coverage prior to release and this was what we worked towards – getting as many online sites and bloggers as possible to write about the release and we ensured this still continued even a few weeks after release. We also ensured the press tour (pre and post) received an adequate postings online through Twitter real time updates to enable the public to continue to get a dose of the Ozeile Nchiengo fever. We ensured our own content creation around the release was precise but also fun to read for the readers with playful colourful imageries. We also employed other tactics such as sponsored posts, reshares, the #Ciana30 session and we also made great use of her youtube channel!

So here we are, 42 days later and we are celebrating for it is not with great ease that most artists in Cameroon smash the 10,000 views mark. This is normally achieved after months and months of release and for us it is a great record considering CIANA is a new music brand in the market and this was her first ever video release and in addition, our budget was minimal.


This is what CIANA had to say about this: “VoilĂ  l’Ă©tat de mon cĹ“ur…c’est grâce Ă  vous que je me sens très encouragĂ©e ce matin. Je vous remercie, vous qui ont regardĂ©, commentĂ© et partagĂ© mon clip depuis la sortie il y a presque 6 semaines.

I am thankful to you all and I would like for you to join my team and I celebrate as Ozeile Nchiengo finally hit the 10,000 views mark. Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing. I am certainly encouraged by your support.”

The overall feedback from media reps and from the public has certainly been great and encouraging…here is to many more to come and we thank you all!!


Thank youuuuuu 🙂

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