In recent times, the need for a Publicist or PR agent to drive the promotion of an entertainment or corporate brand has become more and more common. In Cameroon for example, a few music artists since the explosion of Stanley Enow on the international scene have come to realise the importance of having a Publicist or PR agent in their team. Nonetheless, professionals within this area who actually and naturally understand the nature and scope of their requirement are very few.

So what is a Publicist/PR agent? A Publicist  / PR agent is a person whose job it is to generate and the manage the publicity of a brand. They are the go between between a certain brand, the public and media outlets. They are responsible for a favourable coverage for a brand as well as be able to manage negative or bad press coverages.


So as usual, being as kind as we are 🙂 here we have our 3 key areas that your Publicist or PR agent should be focusing for you…

1) Promotion:

Your Publicist or PR agent is responsible for promoting your brand through managing the spread of information surrounding your brand. This is typically through writing press releases during launches, developing and managing campaign ideas with a target goal in mind as well as running your digital online presence. They serve as the bridge between your brand, the public and media outlets.

2) Pitching:

In view to get press coverages or stories written about a brand, the Publicist or PR agent is also required more often than not to pitch ideas convincing media outlets or media reps to do something with the ideas generated so as to get coverage. This is where a Publicist or PR agent’s press relationship comes into purpose.

3) Content Writing:

Some say content is Key, others say content is President over those who elect it but all said and done an effective content can be vital to the growth of a brand and engagement is Queen! This is more than just writing a press release content, an effective content should be precise, well curated to target the designated public and add value to their life, it should be able to attract, engage, inform and convert the receiver. If your Publicist or PR agent is unable to do so, they should enlist the services of a content creator.

What is your Publicist/PR agent doing for you?

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