We all love the look of lippie, so of course we want it to last as long as possible! Find out exactly how below…

Strong, sophisticated and oh-so-glamorous – this is the power of red lipstick. Whether you wear it with a bold dress or just some jeans, getting the perfect red pout has never been so easy.

lippie 3

1. To start, make sure your lips are well-moisturised. If they’re feeling a little dry, apply a small dab of clear lip balm, but not too much! Blot away any excess moisture.


2. Apply a thin layer of concealer to your lips – this acts as a primer for lip colour, making it last longer and the colour truer.


3. Grab your favourite matte red lipstick – matte formulas last longer – and a flat brush. Start at the Cupid’s Bow. Literally paint an outline of that little dip, then move along either side of the bow, painting a line along the upper lip. Step back and make sure the lines are symmetrical.


4. Fill in the upper lip with short, steady brushstrokes of colour, staying within the line you’ve established. Then, fill in the lower lip in the same manner, steering clear of the outer line. Resist the urge to press your lips together at this stage.


5. Now for defining the outline of the lower lip: open your mouth – you want to be able to reach the inside corners – and paint a line along the outline of the lower lip. If you missed any spots on the lower lip, fill them in now.


6. Mistakes happen! Remove any smudges with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, or if the line is looking a bit wonky, use concealer (on a clean brush) to make any corrections and to make a sharper line.


7. Blot several times on a clean tissue to remove any excess pigment.


8. Perfect red lips are now yours. Wear them with fresh skin and naked eyes (use an eyelash curler, but skip the mascara) for a truly modern look.


9. If you want to go glossy, simply paint some clear gloss on top using a flat brush, again resisting the urge to press your lips together.


10. Voilà! Va-va-voom red lips. Enjoy the perfect red lippie!

Here are a few to test out…!


Credits: H&M Online

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