The month of September was pretty much a busy one but also a fun one as we daily managed and ran the hashtagged #Ciana30 session; a daily online session planned as a strategy to continue with the promotion of rapper Ciana‘s debut video Ozeile Nchiengo that was released on August 4th. The ask was simple, the correct answer in the correct way got the individual to a final draw from which they could become the day’s winner. No complications…K.I.S.S.!!

Ciana 30

In collaboration with London based online African radio Pom Radio Extra, we spent 30 days asking the public questions surrounding Ciana‘s interests/life and the debut video Ozeile Nchiengo. The winners were announced through a final draw every night on Twitter/Facebook Page and on The Request Show on Pom Radio Extra.


Though it was quite stressful, we made it from day 1 to day 30 and through that created more awareness for Ciana in the face of her online public, we had 29 happy troopers who enjoyed their free airtime credits in Cameroon and finally we increased the Youtube video views by an additional 3,500 plus! Pheew, not bad for a month’s work eh!!


Much thanks to all who participated with us, those who supported us, retweeted our questions daily or shared the Miss Ciana Facebook page and to those who silently followed, we are still thankful!

Here is a chance to watch the video again…!

Twitter/Instagram: @bestciana

Facebook: Miss Ciana

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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