Yesterday was a very interesting day on the Cameroon Twittersphere where all hell seemed to have broken loose and temperaments as much as posts were flying off the shelves due to a controversial post written on our client Stanley Enow by one Cameroonian ‘media rep’. The post was centred around a ‘critic’ of the star’s music journey thus far as well as his current released 3rd video Njama Njama Cow which makes reference to a very popular early years school rhyme sung in English Cameroon.

We live in a democracy and of course every individual in the public eye is aware that with the position comes a responsibility of accepting love on one hand and criticisms on the other. Nonetheless, there will always be those who oppose as well as those who see the bigger picture but one thing is certain he will never lose focus.

So we decided to play around with our tools to see what the controversy translated into in statistics and here below is how each individual who took part in the impromptu ‘Twitter chat’ contributed…





Almost 120 Twitter accounts took part in the chat posting over 160 posts which hit its peak at about 6pm reaching almost 90,000 people. Interestingly, the most active participants were men! Though this was certainly not what we had planned, this surely assisted in creating some buzz for the day for the video release which also surged in views. We can only say thanks for the contribution!

Here below is the controversial video/song which is more than ever riddled with visual codes. The eyes that wants to see is the mind that wants to know…do you?

Twitter/Instagram: @StanleyEnow

Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

Wiki: Stanley Enow

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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