Ever wondered how these celebrities such as Kim Kardashian get their flawless and well defined looks? What is really in the trick of highlighting and contour? How to do it oneself without the brush of a professional and experienced makeup artist you ask? Well, we may have the answer for you just keep reading 😉

Fumi Desalu-Vold is an African model, actress, producer and television presenter who started her career in entertainment by winning the All Africa Super Model of the year title in Nigeria before packing her bags for London to study. Signed by Elite models, Fumi was off again to live a fashionable experience in New York and then LA where TV commercials and many more beckoned.

She has appeared on Fashion Weeks, in music videos as well as television series notably; Ugly Betty with America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams in the US as well as in Norway. She currently resides in London where she continues with her fashion filled lifestyle and recently her beauty tutorials on her Youtube channel.

So today, Fumi was talking contour and highlighting and as this is especially a tough beauty part of our makeup regime we thought it better that we all learn together. How kind are we 😉

So what is Contouring?
Contouring is adding more definition or shape to your face by using a foundation/powder at least two shades darker than your complexion. It gives off a more chiseled and slimmer effect of your face.

And what is Highlighting?
Highlighting is when you enhance the parts of your face that is hit by natural light with a concealer one or two shades lighter than your complexion. By highlighting your face, you make it look healthier and give your face a beautiful glow.

Before we bring you the tutorial, here are a few images of the looks Fumi has done…isn’t she totally a pro?!






Contour and highlighting made ever so simple by the fabulous Fumi, watch and learn!

All the products and brushes used by Fumi are listed on the description of the video. Would you give contour and highlighting a go now? We certainly will!

Photo credits: Fumi Beauty by Fumi Desalu-Vold

Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

Facebook: ModeMaison PR

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  1. Awwwwwwww, thank you so MUCH darling, Cynthia Can you’re much too generous with your compliments. Sending u love & light darling. You touched my heart with this. Muah! xoxo ❤ 🙂 Sharing it as well. xoxoxo

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