A few day’s ago following the comments on our post on Facebook and also following a few discussions that have been taking place on social media these past few months, we were inspired to produce a few tips for budding music artists (and all entertainers alike) in Cameroon to help them take the initiative to blossom their own careers.

The entertainment scene in Cameroon is showing great signs especially since 2012, having the potential to grow to greater heights reaching international platforms due to the diverse number of very creative talents that Cameroon possesses; Stanley Enow is a prime example.

We believe that every talent has a place within the scene and the potential to make a name for themselves however it is important that they…

1) Believe in themselves – believe that they can.

2) Stop listening to everyone in the name of “advisors”

3) Create good quality music (end product) that is “sellable”

4) Find a solid professional team to back them up. Like this African proverb states: If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

5) Get a financial backer – someone who believes in their talent and vision and who is prepared to put in the cash to realise this.

6) Develop and maintain a brand.

7) Enjoy the experience, make mistakes and learn!

And that is our top 7 tips!

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