Today we will focus on content creation and the idea of collaborating with bloggers for a big outreach plan. It is no secret that bloggers can make excellent brand ambassadors. Bloggers are indeed great for your marketing and communications strategy incase you did not know.

Showing you not only gets a point across in a more well-rounded way but also makes it stick and hold more value.

Why should bloggers be part of your marketing strategy? Brands need social influencers to tell their story for them and illustrate just how they integrate the brand’s service or product in to their everyday life. This has a much greater effect than the brand trying to explain how cool they are themselves.

Why Bloggers?

  • The Digital Influence Report from Technorati reveals some key information about influencers:
  • Bloggers provide some of the most effective word of mouth marketing, especially when a blogger turns in to an advocate for your brand. This happens as a result of an ongoing relationship which leads to continuous brand mentions.
  • Bloggers are some of the most sought out resources when consumers are researching brands and products. In fact at least 81% of the digital population trusts advice they get from bloggers.
  • They are active on a variety of social channels so they are a great springboard for campaigns that span across many digital channels.
  • When searching for influencers, bloggers are easiest to search for contextually and on a granular level than on other social platforms. You can then use these influencers as a springboard for your multi-channel approach.
  • Bloggers write about niche based topics instead of genre so you can find influencers in the form of bloggers who are an uber perfect fit with your brand.
  • Bloggers fall in to that sweet “mid-level influencer” spot. Most of the ones you will work with are not huge influencers like Justin Bieber, instead they are in the middle of the spectrum and studies show that working with more mid-level folk is more beneficial than working with the higher reaching people.
  • Read the analysis on “the power middle.” A study on word of mouth campaigns found that action and social mentions are driven more effectively by what they call the “power middle.” These mid-level influencers have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive 16 times more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers.”
  • “Though blogs and influencers don’t get a large portion of a brands’ digital spend, they rank high with consumers for trust, popularity and influence.”
  • Blogs are in the top five sources of trustworthy information.
  • “Influencers are most active on blogs, as 86% say they have them and 88% of those say they blog for themselves.”

Strategies to Acquire the Best Content Possible

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  • Proper Blogger Vetting: To make sure that a blogger is going to offer brand lift and move your project forward it’s important to thoroughly research all bloggers before reaching out. This also ensures that you know how the blogger wants to be contacted and you can pitch them on a personal basis instead of mass emailing.
  • Set Expectations: Make sure you have a policy and document to give the blogger concerning disclosure and only require an authentic and honest post—even if it’s a negative review. Tell the blogger from the beginning what they get out of working with you and what you want from them.
  • Stay in touch: Bloggers who talk about a brand on an ongoing basis increases audience trust. Stay on bloggers’ brains by sending them free product or occasional email updates with exclusive information. Make them feel part of your brand instead of an extension of your brand. This way they can take ownership and really stand behind you.
  • Contextual over numerical: When vetting bloggers, look to content over numerical qualifiers. Does the blogger post on a regular basis and interact with their audience? Do they write about a niche your brand falls in to? These are all priority considerations and should be explored before other qualifiers such as social following and traffic numbers.
  • One to one to many: Don’t forget that bloggers are active across many social channels and are a great springboard to work with on these channels—not just the blog. With that said, make sure you have a plan ahead of time in which to utilize these channels and provide bloggers with images and ideas they can use to talk about you across the social web

And there you have it, all curated (with our edits) by Kristen Matthews from Group High.

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