We are delighted to be associated yet again with this premiere quarterly business networking event SIPEC; an acronym for Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon through identifying entrepreneurs and small businesses and creating a platform for them to market their services and products.

Can You Spot Our Logo?

The last event for this year takes place on Thursday December 18th at the Hotel Prince de Galles in Douala from 6pm with the theme focused on “The Power of Timing” demonstrating to the 200 guests attending the importance of making decisions at the right time.

The event looks to be informative as well as innovative with also the opportunity to mingle with like minded people and be educated. We talked to SIPEC founder Etonde Martin about listing her top 5 items the guests should expect at this 3rd edition, here is what she said…

  1. A chance to meet new hardworking entrepreneurs.
  2. Interesting keynote address under the theme, “the power of timing”
  3. Launch of SIPEC Help Kits: SIPEC Mentorship Program & SIPEC Capital Connection Program.
  4. Launching of the SIPEC magazine: a magazine that gives insight into the economic situation of Cameroon and information about businesses (entrepreneurs & sponsors).
  5. Talented and international multimedia crew covering event.

Watch below a video from Etonde, we hope to see all you Douala based entrepreneurs there!

Watch out for our article contribution on the SIPEC magazine as we discuss business visibility and customer increase through the Internet.

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